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FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2005

Long Bay Artificial Reef Association Spring Project Complete

The Long Bay Artificial Reef Association has concluded their Spring Project, enhancing three of their eight artificial fishing reef sites located offshore of Brunswick County, NC. These sites were AR 420 Tom McGlammery Reef, AR 460 and AR 465 Gary Ennis Reef.

AR 420 received 1.2 million pounds of assorted concrete manhole boxes and pipe along with three rotary drums from concrete delivery trucks.  This material was deployed by seven trips of the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries vessel RV Long Bay under the direction of Captain Davie Guthrie and Marine Biologist Greg Bodnar.  Four of the trips were deployed East of the Reef Marking Buoy and three along with the concrete rotary drums were deployed Southwest of the Buoy.

AR 460 received two trips from the RV Long Bay for a total of Six hundred and eighty thousand pounds of concrete material.  This material was deployed Northeast of the Reef Marking Buoy.

AR 465 located Thirty Nautical Miles South of Lockwood Folly Inlet; Oak Island, NC was a special project funded almost in its entirety with federal Sportfish Restoration Act funds along with required matching contributions arranged by Long Bay Artificial Reef Association and North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries.  The nature of the project funding was the first for an association of this type in North Carolina.

The project consisted of deploying 1.85 million pounds of assorted concrete pipes on the site.  The pipe was procured in Columbia, SC and transported to the former Naval Base in Charleston, SC.  The project was out of range for the RV Long Bay so a private concern, Stevens Towing of Charleston, SC was contracted for the deployment.  The Stevens organization is well known for their artificial reef work in Georgia and South Carolina as well as other ventures, such as raising of the Confederate Submarine Hunley from Charleston Harbor.

The material was loaded onto a one hundred seventy nine feet long barge and towed to the site.  Actual deployment took place on Saturday May 14, 2005 under the direction of North Carolina Marine Fisheries Biologist Jim Francesconi.  The 1.85 million pounds of material was deployed South of the previously sank Menhaden Vessel Mance Lassiter.

The Long Bay Artificial Reef Association wishes to thank the fishing clubs local and across the state along with the Brunswick County Commissioners and the Town of Oak Island for their monetary support and the North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries for their logistical and biological support.

For locations of all Reef Sites and deployed material please visit our website.